Pea Protein?
Grandma doesn’t have a recipe…
But we do!


Pea protein has gained a lot of attention in recent years, and we can see why. It’s allergen-free, protein-packed, and filled with nutrients that make a great alternative to other sources of protein powder.

While pea protein powder goes well with smoothies, there are many ways to mix this nutritional goodness into some yummy foods. Here, we have gathered some of our favorite recipes using pea protein powder to add a bit of protein “power” for healthy nourishment. Most of these recipes are gluten-free and grain-free, too!

As a side note…when choosing your brand of pea protein for these recipes, consider “yellow” pea powder. This tends to have a much milder flavor than the usual “green” pea. Also, look for pea protein powders with less fillers and include ingredients that are non-GMO, soy-free, unsweetened/ sugar-free and unflavored. Fewer contents is best for these recipes and your health.

Protein Pancakes – Mama Would Be So Proud!

Craving comfort breakfast foods for an afternoon snack or dinner? Sounds great! These Pea Protein Pancakes by Pancake Warriors will surely surprise you. The yummy recipe packs in coconut flour, pea protein powder, egg whites, vanilla, cinnamon, and a banana to make a delicious and healthy treat.

For Chocolate Lovers Everywhere!

You love mint, and you love chocolate, so chances are you will love this sneaky way to get more protein. Mint Chocolate Protein Bars by the Healthy Maven are perfect for that afternoon craving for something sweet. AND, another fun part is they are “no-bake”… simply easy! You will only need 7 ingredients – pea protein powder, dates, almonds, cocoa powder, peppermint extract, almond milk, and sea salt – for this grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free snack!

Strawberries & Cream Please!

Chia seed pudding is simple to make and entirely delicious. This Strawberries & Cream Chia Pudding recipe by The Pretty Bee is a perfect combination of strawberries, coconut milk, vanilla, and maple syrup and with an added boost of pea protein powder it can be a satisfying and healthy treat.

Pea Protein Sandwich Bread

A yummy alternative to white sandwich bread is perfect for your favorite PB&J or BLT sandwich. Protein Pow shows just how delicious and fun this Protein Bread is to make with a mix of whey and pea protein powder, rolled oats, flaxseed and eggs. Also, perfect for a light, protein-packed snack. Warm a slice, and add a little butter or coconut oil for a great treat!

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Kale Chips With Protein

Green and lean… this special recipe by Power Hungry is bringing on the protein for a crispy, delicious snack. Protein-Powered Krispy Kale Chips has a combination of kale, pea protein powder, marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, vinegar, and sea salt. This conglomeration of ingredients may seem a bit odd yet is surprisingly delicious. Plus, these chips are gluten-free, grain-free, and nut-free!

Savory Protein Snack Bars

Snack bars don’t have to be sweet! If you are looking for something less sweet and more savory, try these Savory Power Bars by Power Hungry. Not only do they have pea protein powder, but quinoa, chia seeds, pistachios, and almonds. Gluten-free and vegan, too!

Cashew Coconut Power Balls

These Raw Caramel Salted Protein Balls have a caramel-like flavor and for those who like it raw, these little bits of protein power balls are totally yum! Nadia Felsch blended  cashews, coconut, protein powder, dates, chia, pepitas and maple syrup for a flavor packed combination of healthy goodies.

After seeing so many creative recipes for pea protein, you can understand why the popularity of this protein source has gained so much attention.

Be sure to check out the new Vital Mood pea protein made exclusively from non-GMO Yellow peas. It’s mild flavor makes it easy to include in your next delicious, good-for-you treat.

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