5 Foods You Should Eat To Boost Collagen Naturally In Your Body

5 Foods You Should Eat To Boost Collagen Naturally In Your Body

Is your diet rich in collagen-boosting foods? That’s probably not the question you think of when you plan a meal, but the truth is many of us lack the nutrient-rich foods we need to support healthy collagen levels. In fact, we may be eating foods that are actually harming natural collagen in the body. 

To help you keep a youthful glow and flexible joints, let’s dive into collagen-boosting foods that can promote overall wellness. 

Superfood leafy greens 

Did you know leafy green vegetables, including spinach, kale, and swiss chard, pack nutrition that is essential to collagen production? These nutrients include vitamins A, C, and E which have antioxidant properties to fight off collagen-damaging free radicals. It may take a bit of creativity to bring more leafy greens into your meals, but doing so will provide a lot of wellness benefits.  

Collagen-rich bone broth 

Bone broth has gained popularity in recent years, but what is it about this craze? It is an amazing source of collagen, providing essential amino acids necessary for healthy collagen formation. You can find recipes to make your own bone broth by slowly simmering beef, chicken, or turkey bones on the stove or in a crockpot, or you can  purchase bone broth in the store. 

Vitamin-packed citrus fruits 

Vitamin C is essential to collagen production, which is why citrus fruits are a beneficial food to add in to your diet. If you do not enjoy citrus, you can supplement with vitamin C to help support collagen synthesis in your body. 

Omega-3 salmon 

Omega-3 fatty acids are also important to healthy collagen production. Not only do omega-3s help support healthy skin to promote elasticity and hydration, but they also help lessen inflammation in the body to help support healthy collagen. 

Sulfur-rich garlic 

Garlic is a great source of sulfur, which is essential to healthy collagen production. Plus, it offers taurine and lipoic acid that help restore damaged collagen fibers. Not only that, but garlic has properties that lessen inflammation and enhances blood circulation to support healthy collagen synthesis. 

Give these foods a try! Choosing more collagen-boosting foods is a great way to maintain healthy collagen your body needs for vibrant, youthful skin and healthy, flexible joints. 

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