Smart Weigh Slimming Kit Defined

Smart Weigh Slimming Kit
A 3-Part System for Accelerated, Healthy Weight Loss
Smart Weigh for Accelerated Weigh Loss

  1. Trap the Fat with Fat First: Fat Trapping Technology
  2. Neutralize the Carbs with CarbSense: Carb-to-Glucose Inhibitor
  3. Remove the Toxins with Daily Detox's Toxin Binders

The Smart Weigh System, is a 3-Part weight management suite of products designed to assist in healthy, realistic weight loss.

The Smart Weigh suite of products is designed to initiate or support your weight loss ambitions without altering your current eating or exercise behavior. It is our hope and preference that you do pursue a healthy eating routine, and initiate or increase an exercise regimen, but sometimes you just need that little added leverage for your efforts to really pay off, and see the spectacular results your efforts deserve.

This is why Smart Weigh was created.

Smart Weigh is made up of:

Part 1: Fat First - Fat Trapping Technology: Just 2 tablets of Fat First can absorb up to 18 grams of dietary fat. When taken with each meal, 3 times per day, Fat First can prevent the absorption of as much as 486 calories per day, passing it harmlessly through the system to be eliminated without unpleasant side-effects. For more information about Fat First, go here.

Part 2: CarbSense - Carb-to-Glucose Inhibitor: 2 capsules can be taken with each starch-rich meal to neutralize the digestion of complex carbohydrates, preventing the conversion to sugar that - if unused for energy - is easily converted and stored as fat. CarbSense works by compromising the activity of the enzyme responsible for digesting complex carbs. If undigested, it is also harmlessly eliminated without any unpleasant side-effects. For more information about CarbSense, go here.

Part 3: Daily Detox - Toxin Binding Technology: 1 to 2 capsules with each meal helps rid your body of food-borne chemicals, and more importantly, fat-soluble toxins that are being released from their exile in fat cells, having been stored there by your body's defenses as a way to minimize risk to vital organs and surrounding tissues. Aggressive weight loss regimens release these toxins back into the system as the fat cells are broken down, risking an overload condition to the immune system and contributing to excessive fatigue and potential illness.
Daily Detox
's dual-action mechanisms assist your body's efforts to eliminate the toxic substances by supporting the liver's efforts to cleanse the body, as well as bind to the toxins to prevent re-absorption back into the body, and instead be harmlessly eliminated.

For more information about Daily Detox, go here.

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