Still the Top New Years Resolution is to Lose Weight

Another New Year with more of the same…

Once again, the number one Resolution for most Americans is to “Lose Weight”.

In fact, for many, it’s their only Resolution, year after year.

I’m not much different, for I usually gain more weight than I am comfortable with during the Winter months, due to my loathing of the cold.  I mean I truly detest it.

Bear in mind I live in the Phoenix area.

The one that’s in Arizona… in the desert.

Sure, our Winter months are a fair bit milder than Fargo, North Dakota, or Fairbanks, Alaska.   But even so, when the clouds crowd our blue sky, and the temps flirt with sub-50, I get down right grumpy.

So, a natural reaction for me is to hunker down inside and eat… usually accompanied by much grumbling and asking how long before Summer arrives.

Since the cold often coincides with the holidays, I am naturally exposed to dinners and treats typical for the time of year and quite contrary to my normal diet.  As such, the combination of cold weather, reduced outdoor activities and increased hibernation cravings, and the absentminded glutenous behavior in response to a grumpy attitude, all combine for a dangerous cocktail that soon leave me feeling sluggish and heavy.

It is this repeated pattern during our cold days that prompts my annual commitment to trim some pounds.

This is also a contributing factor to why we developed a suite of products to help support a weight loss effort.

Let’s face it… I’m not as young as I used to be, and you have possibly considered the same.

As a guy, there was a time that I could simply stop eating pizza three nights a week, and I would lose 5 pounds before Saturday night.

It takes more effort these days.  I must be smarter about my choices, and I must make exercise a priority.

To help me reach my goals, we have introduced our Smart Weigh suite of three products.  These are for people like me who already exercise regularly, and already follow sensible eating habits (holidays excluded).

One of the products (Fat First) prevents the digestion of dietary fat that often lurks in our meals.  Another product (CarbSense) is for reducing the digestion of carbohydrates in starch-rich meals (such as breads, pasta, rice, and such).

And a third product (Daily Detox) is to help stimulate the liver to perform its cleansing and “fat furnace” duties.  In addition, this final product helps rid the body of the impurities that are often locked inside fat cells in the body until they are released during weight loss activities.  If aggressive weight loss is pursued without a concurrent plan to detox the body, toxic overload can occur, risking illness.

All these products are available individually, but the Smart Weigh suite is a kick-start package supplying all three products for a considerable savings.

The bottom line is that I am swearing off Snicker-doodles and holiday fudge.  At least until next year.

In the mean time, I am back on my normal, healthy eating habits, with a goal to lose these frustrating holiday pounds.

It is still cold outside — by Phoenix standards — so I am likely to continue feeding myself portions that are too large, and I’ll probably have excuses to avoid going outside to exercise,  but at least this year I’ll have the advantage of a little assistance to reach my weight loss goals.

Since I’m not getting any younger, I am willing to admit the help is welcomed.  Sometimes, it’s these little things that make the difference between failure and success.

Happy New Year, everyone…  Let’s make it the best one.

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