Victoria’s Secret Angels Leg and Butt Workout

How do the Victoria’s Secret Angels get their legs and tush so shapely and fit?  Of course, it might be that they are winners of the gene-pool lottery.  And I am sure they have disciplined eating habits that help them remain so trim.  But it takes more than those two considerations to give the Angels such impressive legs and caboose.

Victoria's Secret Angels

Victoria’s Secret Angels

So, what’s the secret to how the Victoria’s Secret Angels get their graceful and pleasing shapes?  It’s because they routinely bust those assets with exercise routines, like these:

1.  The Skater Squat

Picture the quads on Olympian speed skater Apolo Ohno and you can imagine how this simple move can have such an impact on the shape of your thighs.  And you don’t need to be a super-human Olympian, with sharpened sword blades strapped on your feet, to reap the rewards.  Just take the concept, turn down the intensity, and you have the quad-dominant Skater Squats.

2.  Plié Squats ( pronounced plē-ˈā )

I didn’t know squat about ballet, until I learned that this ballet-inspired Plié Squat is a great tush tightener and thigh burner.  If you are just starting out, or susceptible to knee injury, be careful not to let your knees bend past 90-degrees.   For advanced moves, put a dumbbell or kettle-bell between your legs.  To hold, of course.

3.  Leg Circles

I admit when I first saw this move, I thought it looked kind of lightweight for the Angel’s workout.  I was wrong.  Maybe it’s because it is following the other two exercises.  Or it could be that the leg gets surprisingly heavy, in short order.  Either way, it’s amazing how something so simple works so well.  I couldn’t decide which side got more tired, the one I was standing on, or the one in the air.

4.  Thigh Lifts

After underestimating the Leg Circles, I did not do that with the Thigh Lifts.  Here is a tip… if you are just starting out, put a chair beside you to help you keep your balance.  Then you can concentrate more on the technique and less on trying to stand on one foot.  As your technique and balance improves, do away with the chair.

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5.  Kneeling Leg Thrusts

I have often seen this move called “kneeling leg extension”.  Whatever you choose to call it, it is also good for strengthening the lower back muscles, not just the glutes.  If you occasionally suffer from lower back discomfort, you might find this has great benefits.  Tip: plan ahead with a good mat for your knees.

6.  Opposite Kneeling Leg Thrusts

This is similar to the regular Kneeling Leg Thrusts, except the movement includes a ‘cross-under’ with a more outward reach of the foot.  Whereas, with the prior Kneeling Leg Thrusts, the plane of movement with the knee is to point toward the hand of the same side (left knee to left hand, right knee to right hand), the Opposite Kneeling Leg Thrust’s plane has the knee pointing to the opposite hand (left knee to right hand, etc.).

7.  Kneeling Heel Thrusts

At this point, seeing another exercise that isolates the glutes, you might be imagining a trainer standing there barking drill-Sargent orders, pausing just long enough to say, “How-da-ya like me now?!” Not tough enough? Just wrap a couple of leg weights around your ankles.

8.  Side Thigh Lifts

Also referred to as the “Outer Thigh Lifts” and “Side-lying Thigh Lifts”,  this will hit your butt at a different angle, and is a good sculpting exercise for the outer thighs.  It is important to keep your lower leg bent to act as a support to resist rolling front or back.

9.  Bent Kicks

And finally, the Bent Kicks.  These actually feel surprising good, at first.  The movement helped stretch those tired glutes.  At first.  It felt like circulation returned to a forgotten extremity…  Did I mention, at first?  Because, quite suddenly, the burn returned.  Oh… It Hurts So Good!

So, whether you are just beginning a fitness routine, or you are an experienced, butt-busting machine, here is a workout that is sure to improve your rear view. Follow along with the video, below, and see how the Victoria’s Secret Angels tune those attractive legs and derrieres.

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