• Perfect Pineapple Guacamole Dip

10 Quick and Healthy Summer Dip Recipes

10 Quick, Easy and Healthy Dip Recipes for Any Summer Gathering
Looking for last minute quick dip ideas for a Summer celebration, or casual gathering with friends? Here are some healthy, easy recipes that your family […]

  • trifecta-of-health-600w

Good Health is a Horse Race

Achieving a higher state of health is really not so difficult. We can all identify something in our life that could be modified to improve our health. Many of us might have defined a New Year’s Resolution that includes the reduction of a bad habit, or the introduction of a good habit. Whatever it is, I tend to recommend you don't think in terms of "cold-turkey", but instead, think in terms of "degrees". Your odds are greater for long-term success if you set a path of modest steps instead of big leaps when you begin to make changes.
  • Chocolate and Banana Smoothie Recipe for Boosting Moods and Energy

3 Delicious Mood and Energy Booster Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Mood and Energy
I haven’t quite decided why I like this article from Food Matters, so much.

Maybe it’s because I felt a boost to my mood from just reading the recipes.

Perhaps I […]

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Are You Inviting an Evil Killer to Dinner?

You Are Sharing Your Kitchen with a Killer!
A specialized cancer research agency within the World Health Organization has concluded that the most common weed killer used in crop production in the United States probably causes […]

  • Body Inflammation

How Inflammation Affects Your Health

The Link Between Aging and Inflammation
The Fire Within is Not Always Good
5 simple lifestyle changes to relieve inflammation

How would you respond if a physician asked, “Do you suffer from low-grade inflammation?” Your response may be, […]

  • Oxidative Stress on an  Apple

How to Manage Oxidative Stress

How Oxidation Shortens Your Life
And Overwhelms Your Immune System
Is your life making you oxidative stressed?

Oxidation. The process that causes the browning of a sliced apple or rust on your car. Oxidation does not only wear […]

  • chromosome

Telomeres Indicate How Fast You are Aging

Your ‘Real’ Age can be Measured by the Length of Your Telomeres
Size Does Matter
Lose weight, exercise, eat right… and measure your telomeres? You probably haven’t thought about your chromosomes for a while, but they do […]

  • run-down

4 Ways to Boost Immune System

Four articles to help stimulate and strengthen your immune system. These suggestions are important all year long, but especially beneficial during the holidays.
  • food-and-immune-system

5 Choices for Food to Help Your Immune System

The typical American diet is usually fast-food, which makes you more susceptible to illness and common viruses. Here are 5 choices to build your immune system.
  • exercise-and-immune-system

Exercise to Strengthen the Immune System

Studies show exercise will maintain bone density, increase muscle mass, reduce fat, improve heart and lung function, reduce stress, AND boost the immune system.
  • hormone

Hormones Do Effect the Immune System

In the battle for immune power, it's easy to overlook how hormone balance affects the immune system. This overview shares hormonal information to help you.