Focus on the Basics:


Immune System Health

A body with weak immunities is like
a castle with snoring guards; it invites attack.

Focus on immune system


Lengthening Telomeres

Aging is inevitable . . .
but it doesn’t have to be soon.

Focus on Telomeres


Healthy Joints

All about Collagen Type II
and finding your “Bends” Best Friend.

Focus on joints


Body Cleanse and Detox

How long could you tolerate your house
if you never took out the trash?

Focus on detox & cleanse


Healthy Digestion

Sluggish, bloated, round and gassy?
Terrific! . . .  If you’re a hot air balloon.

Focus on digestion


Healthy Weight Loss

2 sentence intro,

Focus on weight lose
Focus on Basics; Fundamentals; Foundations...

You are never too old – or young – to focus on the Basics.

Adopting, or improving, healthy habits is about making incremental, repetitive changes that eventually become habits.

In time, those habits become your lifestyle, and it’s the lifestyle that adds up to big results.

As anyone who has committed to healthy goals can attest, one of the Basics for success is excusing yourself — without becoming ‘the excuse’ — when one of life’s commitments interferes with your day’s objectives.

Part of maintaining consistency in your effort is simply accepting that some days won’t go as planned. It is not a reflection of poor commitment, nor is it a license for self-doubt.

Remind yourself that “health” is the journey, and not the destination. It is the path to better living.

Your true purpose in health is to experience the most in Life. It is about truly Living, instead of merely being alive.

Choosing to make better choices for your health is less about adding years to your life, and more about adding life to your years.

Bill Evans
Applied Health Solutions, Inc.


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