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You mean, besides the 10% Coupon Code for any of our products, just for signing up?


The most immediate benefit you get when you become an Insider is you will be sent a coupon code for 10% off one of your orders.

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VIP Insiders are first in line to receive special offers, including:

* $1 Flash Offer Priority Bulletins
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* Flash Sale Discounts on non-Applied Health products
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* and much more

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Immediate benefit is your 10% coupon just for becoming an Insider.
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If you take advantage of one of our limited offers for a discounted product, all we ask in return is to please leave us an honest review.

The code you receive is valid for use on an order placed on the Applied Health Shopping Cart.  After you submit your code request, you will receive further instructions with the code on how to use it.

You will later be contacted by email after you have had time to experience the benefits of your product choices. This email will be a courtesy reminder requesting a review.

An option to providing a review is to create a video review on your experience with the product.  We will provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to send a short video from your phone.

If a video review is provided, we will send you another coupon for 20% as our way of saying, “Thanks”.

For simple instructions on how to send a short testimonial video, please click the following link:

How to Submit a Video Review