Vital Mood Non-GMO Yellow Pea Protein
It's the Do-it-All Protein Supplement

Vital Mood Yellow Pea Protein contains a premium source of 100% pure, natural pea protein.
Pea Protein yields a high biological value (BV) of 65.4%. The BV is an accurate indicator of the biological activity of protein, measuring the actual amount of protein deposited per gram of protein absorbed.


  • 24 Grams Protein Per Serving, Highly Bioavailable
  • Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Vegetable Protein from Yellow Peas (Pisum Sativum)
  • Unflavored, Unsweetened, Nothing Artificial - No Aspartame, No Sucralose, No Acesulfame-K
  • Allergen-Free, No Soy or Dairy
  • Low Carb, Cholesterol Free
  • Vegetarian / Vegan
  • Over 4,200 mg Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) & over 2,000 mg L-Arginine, per serving
  • Perfect protein contributor to Mechanical Soft Diet Recipes
  • High Solubility, Super-Smooth Texture, Mixes Easily & Easy to Digest

One Ingredient... Just One

50-Plus Reasons You Need Quality Proteins

As you age, your body's ability to maintain muscle mass is reduced by several coinciding physiological changes that include changing hormones, your muscle's reduced response to protein intake, and the common decrease in physical activity.

The resulting condition of muscle wasting is called, "Sarcopenia".

Ensuring you consume an adequate amount of quality proteins is vitally important if you are over 50, as this is when most will begin to notice difficulty maintaining muscle tone.

This condition is amplified for anyone over 65.

It might be time to consider a different type of protein if you notice:

  • Your strength is significantly reduced from just a year ago, in spite of maintaining your exercise routine,
  • You have been gradually losing weight, as measured by the scale, but you still have that stubborn fat,
  • Your body odor changed (for the worse), even though you have the same dietary and shower habits,
  • You're feeling bloated and overstuffed for too long after consuming your "normal" protein supplement

4 More Benefits to Vital Mood Protein:

Helping maintain and build muscle is only One Part of this amazing Pea Protein!
Additional Benefits include these 4, and show why we call it:
"The Do-it-All, MacGyver-Approved, Swiss-Army-Knife of Protein"

Heart Health

The easily absorbed "Peptides" in Vital Mood's Pea Protein is shown to improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure.

Plus, combining the peptides with the amino acid profile in this protein is shown to offset oxidative damage.

This Means: Vital Mood Pea Protein is a vital tool in a balanced diet that
helps protect your heart.

Weight Management

When compared to Whey and Casein Proteins, Pea Protein proved to maintain the "Full" feeling longer after eating, due to pea protein's ability to regulate the release of "Gherlin", a Hunger Hormone.

This Means: Vital Mood Pea Protein helps you feel satisfied longer, reducing cravings and snacks between meals.


Relying on traditional protein powders, such as, Dairy-based or Soy Protein, can lead to intolerance and allergies.

However, Pea Protein is hypoallergenic, which makes it unlikely to develop an allergy.

This Means: Vital Mood Pea Protein can be used every day as a vital tool to reach your health goals.

Boost Mood & Reduce Anxiety

We saved the best for last:
Admit it... When you feel unmotivated and "down", it's hard to get up off the couch to follow your activity schedule, which, of course, makes you feel even worse.

Vital Mood Pea Protein is rich in the amino acid Lysine, which has been proven to lower anxiety and the feelings of stress, and promote the release of Serotonin, a Feel-Good hormone.

This Means: Vital Mood Pea Protein helps you maintain the motivation to pursue your ambitions
with vigor and a smile.

Be the Master of Your Flavor Domain
Don't be a slave to someone else's idea of good taste.
Take control... declare Victory over flavor & sweetness!

"Flavor" is a very personal thing...

You like Chocolate... I like Vanilla.
You like Strawberries... I like Blueberries.
You say "PoTAto"... I say "PoTAWto".

Vital Mood Yellow Pea Protein has such a mild taste that it adopts whatever additional flavorings you add to the mix.

Are you tired of buying expensive protein powders, only to find out the first time you try it that it tastes like someone added a hint of protein to a sack of ground sugar?

Or, it can be even worse if it's artificially sweetened because they can leave that weird, metallic aftertaste for the rest of the day.

Of course, we shouldn't forget the brands of protein powders that are the unsweetened meal replacements made from sprouted grains, which taste exactly like something scraped from the blades of a 1952 John Deere Combine wheat harvester.

Fortunately, Vital Mood's Pea Protein doesn't really have a flavor.

Add it to your favorite juice, and it will taste like your favorite juice.

Toss in a spoonful of chocolate powder, and it tastes like... you guessed it... chocolate.

With Vital Mood, YOU choose how sweet; YOU choose the flavor...

And once YOU choose, it tastes like Victory!

Does Your Protein Supplement Measure Up?

2 Full Pounds of
100% Pure Yellow Pea Protein Powder

Pea protein can be used in the kitchen to add healthy vegetable protein to baked goods, cookies, smoothies, and anything else you can think up.
It's a delicious way to add a high-quality protein to your diet.


What's different about Yellow vs. Green Peas?

We chose Yellow Peas as the source for this Do-it-All Protein Extract because of the milder flavor of Yellow vs. Green Peas.
Both types have exceptional protein & nutrient profiles, but the resulting powder made from the Yellow pea is so mild, it easily takes on the flavor of anything it accompanies.
We believe it is best for you to have complete control over the flavors you love most.
That's the taste of Freedom.
That's the taste of Victory!