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Our four-week meal plan will help get you ripped and ready in no time. (Need to get your body perfect for the summer? This Fashion Show diet will get you beach ready in 28 days.


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Wait!… Did I read that right?  The author suggested Gummy Bears as part of a post-workout diet protocol?!!  All of a sudden, the credibility of the rest of the content is suspect.

Once I started reading the suggested menu items, some credibility creeped back, albeit, with tail between the legs.  Generally, the meal suggestions looked useful… That is, assuming I had all day to do nothing but prepare meals, snacks, and work out.

Unfortunately, in practical application, I would need to hire a cook to follow me around. Also, with A-positive blood type, I find that even high quality whey protein does not metabolize well, causing a distinct body odor that I even notice, so I have to believe others do. It’s like bathing in sour milk.

The other item that jumped off the page of meal suggestions is the post-workout consumption of Gatorade.  Someone should read the label on that stuff.  There was a time when I was very young and we considered Gatorade to be the drink of champions. There was a time when the ingredients were simple (even though it was still too heavy in salts), but now with colorings, flavorings, artificial sweeteners, etc., this would not be my first choice.

But once you get past a couple of those odd suggestions, the rest of the meals are worth a note.

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