Focus on the Basics:


Healthy Weight Loss

The First 5 Pounds are for Momentum.
The Last 5 Pounds are for Pride.

Focus on weight loss

Healthy Joints

All about Collagen Type II
and finding your “Bends” Best Friend.

Focus on joints


Body Cleanse and Detox

How long could you tolerate your house
if you never took out the trash?

Focus on detox & cleanse


Healthy Digestion

Sluggish, bloated, round and gassy?
Terrific! . . . If you’re a hot air balloon.

Focus on digestion


Immune System Health

A body with weak immunities is like
a castle with snoring guards; it invites attack.

Focus on immune system


Lengthening Telomeres

Aging is inevitable . . .
but it doesn’t have to be soon.

Focus on Telomeres

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