new-years-resolution-2014Top 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Health

What are your New Year’s resolutions for the coming year? Drink less, eat more, and lose weight?

If so, you are in good company as the most popular resolutions every year are to drink less alcohol, eat more healthy food, and lose weight. These goals could have a lot to do with what precedes the new year – Thanksgiving stuffing, holiday parties, and a lot of edible gifts that add on extra pounds.

New Year’s resolutions sound like great ideas, but how do you continue these goals through more than the first week of January?

Drink less alcohol

The after effects of holiday parties can cause many people to consider drinking less alcohol. Alcohol consumption can affect how you feel, upset your liver, and have long term negative effects on the body.

How do you keep to this resolution? It is an easy resolution for people to break if they are surrounded by the influence of family and friends who drink more. Try to ditch social gatherings that are focused on drinking and organize activities with your friends that get them moving, rather than mingling. By inviting your friends to go hiking, biking, or running you can help them get healthier too.

Eat healthier food

People often adopt the attitude of “it’s all or nothing” when it comes to healthy eating. Healthy eating is hard to stick to if you think you must eat nothing but carrot sticks and broccoli. Instead of being overly strict with your diet start by implementing specific healthy changes.

  • Choose water over soda.
  • Eat out less and cook more.
  • Have your favorite fruits or veggies on hand to avoid reaching for the bag of cookies on your shelf.
  • Keep foods that you know you shouldn’t eat out of your home.

By making small changes with the foods you eat, you will move in a positive direction with your health.

Get fit

If it seems too grueling to head to the gym, try bursts of activities that get you out of your chair throughout the day. Climb the stairs at work. Park farther away from the grocery store, wake up a little earlier than normal to get in 30 minutes of yoga or stretches in the morning.

Once you implement these small fitness changes, start going for larger fitness feats by blocking out some time to work out. Find the activities that you enjoy the most, so that you will stick with it. Look for people who also enjoy what you love to do. Join a community softball league, hiking group, or fitness class at the gym. When you have family and friends who also want to get in shape, you will find that it is easier to stick with your fitness goals.

Lose weight

If you choose to eat healthier, get active, and drink less in the new year, you will automatically reap the benefits of losing weight. Instead of following the latest diet fads, eat nutrient-rich foods that can help satisfy your body’s need for simple carbohydrates. Diet fads often lead to nutrient deficiencies causing you to crave the foods you don’t need.

Remind yourself that consistency is a key element for success. If you “fall off the wagon”, skip the part where you bludgeon your confidence with guilt. Just dust yourself off and begin again.

Before you know it, another new year will be upon us, and when this time rolls around next year, will you to be saying “I’m glad I did“, or “I wish I had“?

Happy New Year!

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