Download PDF version to Printgenetically modified organics I’m allergic to corn… didn’t used to be… but indications suggest I now am.

When I was young – like most people – I could eat anything and never have an allergic symptom.

Something changed.

Yes, I know that as we age, various changes can occur in our bodies causing us to develop sensitivities that we may have never experienced before.  But, I find that most of those typical sensitivities no longer effect my life because I no longer *want* some of the things I used to like. (Lost my taste for 3 Musketeers Bars, and no longer cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.)

When I was in college, there was a terrific little pizza place near the corner of Speedway Blvd. and Park Avenue, in Tucson, just off the university campus called “Last Chance Pizza”.  Back then, it was my favorite pizza; deep dish with about 2 inches of cheese.

Last Chance had a publicized policy that said, “If you can eat one slice in under 10 minutes, you get it free.”

On the surface, that doesn’t sound too  difficult.  However, if you saw one of these slices, you would realize just one could feed an Ethiopian village… or Michael Moore.

Even for a cheese-loving, 19-year-old college dude with a cast-iron stomach, one slice was quite a meal.  I never attempted the challenge of eating it in under 10 minutes for two reasons; I couldn’t chew that fast, and they would start the clock just as your slice came from the oven, bubbling like a lava flow from the Kilauea volcano.

If you tried to immediately bite into it, you would get two inches of boiling cheese glued to the inside of your mouth.  And since it sticks, you can’t spit it out fast enough. If you are going for the goal of 10 minutes, your only option is to sit there blowing on it for at least 5 minutes until you have hyperventilated yourself  into a deep coma.  By the time you wake up, your check is waiting next to your pizza… which, by now, is almost cool enough to eat.

But, my main point is that I used to eat one of those slices (in about 30 minutes) and feel just fine… no problem digesting all that cheese, no sleepy after-effects, and no urge to begin speaking with a Wisconsin accent.

Like cheese, I also used to have quite an appetite for corn… canned corn, corn on the cob, Corn Flakes, corn chips, oh… and corn bread, boy, how I loved corn bread. I could eat a whole pan, drenched in butter, with my dinner, and have another pan drenched in butter and honey for dessert. But… not anymore.  So, what is different?

Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I simply developed an allergy to corn.   It happens.  Or…

Maybe it’s the corn.

Here is an interesting video I came across from Robyn O’Brien at a TED conference on the intrusion of genetically modified varieties of food that has infiltrated our food supply.  This is a powerful – and alarming – presentation.  Pay attention to the statistics… quite eye-opening.

One of the most important “take aways” from this presentation is that the FDA does not require companies to prove genetically modified food is safe before they sell it to the public. Instead, the policy is that it can be sold until someone proves it to be dangerous.

Other countries don’t allow the sale of these foods for the simple reason that there have not been long-term studies to prove their safety.  Doesn’t that seem a lot more prudent?!

Instead of taking the path of caution, the FDA is allowing these safety tests to be conducted on the American public.

So, how do you feel about being an unwitting lab rat?   I do so enjoy my cheese.


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