Pfizer recalls birth control pillsSo I began the morning with a plan; Write a newsletter about dietary fats and post in both the blog and newsletter.

I had not even taken the first sip of my fancy, foo-foo, organic, imported, mega-aromatic, super-smooth, ultra-rich, “Vienna Roast-esque” coffee before my morning plans went out the window…

I had just sat down, turned on the monitor, and began the email download while I was still turning on lamps on my desk. I picked up my cup to savor the first sip of the day, when I saw the email with the FDA alert begin scrolling down the page.  Of the 212 emails that came in since midnight, the FDA notice was the one that stood out.

some of the inert pills may be mixed up with the active ingredient pills

Now, to put into perspective, I do get quite a few of these FDA notices each week, but most don’t have any mention that I feel is worthy of passing to our lists.  However, this one caught my eye.

All I could see of the subject field was:

“FDA Medwatch- Lo/Ovral-28 (Norgestrel/EthinylE…”

I assumed the balance of the drug ingredient probably read “(Norgestrel/EthinylEstradiol)”, a birth control pill.

On investigation, I knew my plans would be on hold until I did my part to help alert the public. FDA alert regarding Pfizer recall of Lo/Ovral-28

The notice was regarding a voluntary recall by Pfizer.  There is a problem with their birth control packs, such that, some of the inert pills may be mixed up with the active ingredient pills.

To paraphrase Pfizer, it says something akin to,  “Oops…”

The sense of urgency comes from the fact that someone who relies on this protocol for their birth control method may not be protected, as expected. In this case, you might imagine that one day can make a big difference in getting this message to interested parties.

Heck, one hour can make the difference between someone saying, “That was a fun day”, instead of, “What do you mean, ‘the rabbit died’?”

The FDA notice is here:

FDA Alert – Birth Control Recall

As I did in the newsletter, and on Facebook, I will take this opportunity to mention that we know  birth control pills have a tendency to put greater demands on the body to several B vitamins. Recommendations are well established that supplementing with a high potency B complex is a good thing to consider.

Supporting literature for nutrient supplementation is here:

Post-Script Drug/Nutrient Interactions – Lo/Ovral-28

Okay, so I have done my part… sent newsletter, posted to Facebook, posted Twitter, and now posted to Blog.

The only other thing I can do is remind everyone about your grandmother’s advice for the sure-fire, guaranteed method of birth control:

Take a shiny quarter and place against the inside of your left knee… Now, hold FIRMLY in place with inside of right knee.

That ought to work until they get the pill situation sorted out.


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