Tired of store-bought herbs turning limp and impotent in the frig? Easy DIY ideas to always have ready-to-go herbs handy.

Tired of Store-bought Herbs Going Limp and Losing Nutrition in Your Frig? Try These Easy DIY Upcycling Ideas for Always-Ready Fresh Herbs.

How many times do you buy fresh herbs, and when you’re ready for the recipe the herbs are not? Even though, the health benefits of fresh herbs are well-known, by the time they begin to yellow and wilt, their nutritional potency is being lost. So, if your “parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme” (always fresh in the classic song) are not always fresh in your frig, it may be time for some DIY at home ideas.

Most herbal plants are easy to maintain, and fresh ones grown in your kitchen or yard still have all nutrients intact when cut right before using. Nothing is wilted. Nothing is wasted. Nutrition is preserved.

If the idea of growing your own herbs is appealing, but an ordinary clay pot is not, consider upcycling household items to add design interest to your new plants. Ideas, such as these won’t require much space and can be a quick Saturday project.

Inside or outside, anything can become a purposeful container – such as an Antique tin that can be a whimsical DIY idea for your fresh herbs and flowers.

If preserving the integrity of a planting container is important, you will want to protect the surface with a waterproofing material. As in this case, the drawers would be lined with plastic to protect the wood from moisture. Then, add a layer of small stones, broken wine corks, or tiny sea shells for drainage space between the soil and bottom of drawer.

This creative contraption is perfect for both fresh herbs and house plants. Easy to assemble, a ladder is combined with wooden planks, metal trays, small rocks, and then potted plants. It’s mobile, too!

For inside decor, a distressed piece of wood and a sideways tilt to canning jars add a rustic look to this herbal wall display. The aluminum strips adjust in size and can be found at the nearest hardware store.

A similar idea with a more polished look, this decorative wood plank and canning jars create a lovely herb garden out of any wall.

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An old student desk can be converted with bright paint to become a focal point for your favorite herbs or flowers. Be sure to line the drawers with plastic before adding the gravel and soil to provide a moisture barrier for the drawer surface.

Look at the fun you can have upcycling old tires with intense paint! You may not want them in your kitchen, but they can be colorful herb and flower containers for your yard.

Once you are done painting the tires in the previous image, you can make use of the left over paint cans for inside plants. Just drizzle the paint on the sides and around the rim. If you prefer to keep these bright, line in plastic or use a coating of polyurethane to prevent the cans from rusting.

For a few dollars and a recycled wooden shipping pallet, you can build a hanging vertical garden for your kitchen. This one may take more than a few hours to build, but this conversation piece would be worth the extra effort.

This DIY herb planter system will leave plenty of house-guests curious about your eye for balance. A metal pole runs through the drainage holes to steady the clay pots and create the unusual design.

If you can find old washtubs and chimney flues, spray paint them to add vivid spots of color and interest to any herbal or floral garden area. Per usual, coat the interior with polyurethane or other moisture-proof idea to preserve and protect against rust.

How about using a strawberry planter for growing multiple herb plants in one spot? This way, there’s only one container to water. Yippee!

Neon bright bags can be quirky and fun as plant holders. Lined with plastic, the potting soil and moisture will be less likely to damage the fabrics. Hanging them from garden hooks will turn an ordinary yard into extraordinary.

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Children love to help with this simple DIY idea. In fact, it is so simple that may be able to put it together by themselves. As a bonus, plastic beverage containers get to be recycled while you’re upcycling!

For a little extra effort, if you have a glass cutting kit sitting around, beer bottles can be used for this similar self-watering technique.

How about repurposing grandpa’s broken-down wheelbarrow and making it useful once again? It can get “prettified” with herbs and other greenery. Or, be bold with bright spray paint. Grandpa may wonder what you’re up to, but Grandma would be so proud!

Who would think that electrical switch plates can be so easily attractive and purposeful with paint, glue, netting and soil? Whether sitting on you kitchen counter, or on an office desk, fresh herbs can be always accessible.

Attaching these painted pots to an old wooden shipping pallet can produce a vertical herb/flower planter for your garden. Or, secure the pots to a wood fence for your herbal or floral collection.

Virtually anything can be made into a planter for your kitchen herbs and other favorite greenery. All it takes is a little ingenuity and imagination. With a quick DIY project, fresh and healthy herbs will soon be at your fingertips, in the portion you need and without waste.


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