Effects of Collagen Type II For Subjective Pain Relief

March 1999

Pain syndromes are a part of many people’s daily lives. It can render them disabled in some manner or it can be a degenerative chronic residual from trauma or disease processes. Our objective was to analyze the effectiveness of Collagen Type II (CellRenew) versus placebo treatment on these people, and report the results and measure the response by the subject.

AUTHORS – Drs. K. Buckman, J. Gutierrez; et al

OBJECTIVE – To compare the effects of placebo versus Collagen Type II on the course of pain syndromes.

Placebo – Made of capsules containing standard ingredients of no nutritional or synthetic value.

Collagen Type II – Each treatment of 4 capsules containing 2000 mg. of chicken sternal cartilage (CellRenew). Collagen Type II naturally contains 15% of Glucosamine Sulfate and 15% of Chondroitin Sulfate.

We entered 89 random subjects with various types of pain syndromes. All subjects were interviewed and asked to describe their subjective pain and where their pain was located. They were also asked if they had been given a new prescription or any changes on their current medical regiment. If there were changes in the subjects regiment, that subject was not included in the study. Each subject was told the program would last three months.

The subjects were asked to follow the directions on the bottle:
1. Take 4 capsules of the Collagen Type II in the morning with orange juice
2. Take twenty to thirty minutes before they ate breakfast
3. Record what day they responded to treatment

The following descriptions of pain were given by the subjects:
– Rheumatoid Arthritic Pain
– Osteoarthritis Joint Pain
– Post Surgical Joint Pain
– Post Traumatic Pain
– Fibrositis
– Gouty Arthritis
– Lumbosacral Pain with/without radicular pain
– Cervical Spine Pain with/without radicular pain

89.9% of the subjects received pain relief at some level within 45 days of taking the Collagen Type II capsules.

All subjects were compliant with taking four capsules a day. After end trial interviews we found that 9% of the subjects took more than four, but less than seven capsules a day.


Table 1. Results of response to pain relief by (X) days:

Rheumatory Arthritis 9 6 3 18
Osteoarthritis 7 12 5 24
Fibrosis 4 7 2 13
Lumbosacral w/ history of herniated disc 3 6 3 12
Chronic Post Traumatic Pain 2 4 3 9
Gouty Arthritis 2 2
Cervical Spine w/ history of herniated disc 1 1 2
Placebo (1) (1)
Non responsive 9 9
Totals 27 36 26 89

The total without a response of less pain in 45 days was nine or approximately 10.1% and only (one) placebo subject recorded a response in 45 days.


Only one subject had nausea. It was noted that he was on other medications as well.

Collagen Type II treatment had a significant effect on subjective pain syndromes. Most subjects responded to Collagen Type II in the first 21 days of the trial. Many of these pained subjects had previously been on long term, pharmaceutical treatment programs.

Many subjects responded by initiating life style changes due to lack of pain. Many were excited by the increase in their daily activity. The results have prompted the authors to develop specific disease/pain syndrome trials in the near future.

“The results were overwhelmingly positive for pain relief
and the side benefits were remarkable!
This product has changed my life significantly.”
Dr. C. Searling, Fresco, CA


A prospective double blind clinical trial to compare placebo versus Collagen Type II for subjective pain treatment over a three month time period.

We entered 89 random subjects of varying ages and subjective complaints of pain. This was a crossover double blind using numbered bottles for the study. Each subject received both a placebo and Collagen Type II, at a dose of 2 grams/day.

Results 89.9% of the subjects responded to reduction of pain.

Collagen Type II had a beneficial effect on the cause of various pain syndromes.