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Success in health is less about individual habits and more about choosing a healthy lifestyle. This Lifestyle category is a collection of posts with tips and techniques to encourage, enhance, and support your healthy lifestyle.

How and Why do 10000 Steps Each Healthy Day

Do you ask, "What's the story of 10,000 steps each day, and why am I hearing so much about it?" If this sounds like you, you aren't alone. There has been a lot of references to 10k steps in the wake of the explosive growth of personal fitness trackers. We reveal some of the inside story behind the magic of ten-thousand... and, we share a dramatic calculation that's sure to impress.

Another New Year and Weight Loss is Still Top Resolution

A quote credited to Einstein is, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results". So, why does the top New Year Resolution stay the same, year after year, and what can be done to change the pattern?

Easy DIY Upcycling Ideas for Always-Ready Herbs

Tired of store-bought herbs turning limp and losing nutrition in frig? Always have fresh, vital herbs on hand with these easy DIY upcycling ideas for always-ready herbs.

It’s About Time

There's a Time to weep, and a Time to laugh; a Time for talk, and a Time for song. And whether we like it or not, Time marches on. What Time do you have?

Good Health is a Horse Race

Good Health is like winning the Trifecta in horse racing, except that 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are named Interest, Responsibility and Discipline.

How to Succeed with the Top New Years Resolutions for Health

Each New Year, the story is the same; we start out with great ambition, only to have the enthusiasm fade before March. Here are some tips to stay the course and get results.

7 Tips for Headache Remedies and Relief

A main cause of a headache is dehydration. This is the body’s way of letting you know that you need H2O. Mood and cognition are also affected by dehydration. Most people are chronically dehydrated, because of the large assortment of beverage alternatives that can actually dehydrate your body even more, including soda and energy drinks.

How to Enjoy Holiday Foods With Less Guilt

Avoid using the holidays as an excuse to overeat and bake more treats. Consider holiday meals like any other meal out of the year and bake seasonal treats in moderation. When it comes to the holiday meal, choose more fresh vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Avoid eating dinner rolls, loads of mashed potatoes, and an entire pumpkin pie. There are many healthy alternatives to traditional holiday meal fixings.

The Perfect Hat is More Than Style

During Summer, the sun protective quality of hats is more important than style. Especially when it is for the children, look for a hat with high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor).

Sun Safety to Save Your Skin

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has designated May 24, 2013 as "Don't Fry Day." Applied Health, along with the FDA, is helping to spread the word on sun safety. In this Consumer Update video, FDA experts provide tips on protecting yourself from harmful exposure to the sun's UV rays , including avoiding exposure, applying sunscreens, and wearing proper eye protection.

Tis the Season for Stress

As wonderful as the holidays are, they can also be a time of increased stress. One-third of Americans are living with intense stress that is having a negative effect on their health, work productivity, and relationships. Chronic stress can even be associated with multiple illnesses: heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, allergies, infertility, irritable bowel syndrome, endocrine and autoimmune diseases.

Finding Your Stubborn Place

The older I get, the harder it is to re-energize my commitment and motivation to begin a consistent exercise routine. My secret is to always begin by being stubborn.

10 Tips for Mental Health During the Holidays

Stress is everywhere, particularly during the Holidays. I can typically handle a small amount of stress. However, when the stress level gets high enough that it effects the mood, it also influences our health. Exhaustion comes, the immune system weakens, and the health goes.

The Nutrition of Moods and Holiday Cheer

Nutrition is an important key to increasing our sense of well-being. Improved nutrition affects the body's chemical balances, so that we feel better physically. This also helps the chemical balances in the brain, so that our moods and the abilities to cope with stress improve.