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How to Stop Lower Back and Leg Pain from Sciatica

GOT SCIATICA? Also known as "Piriformis Syndrome", or the more popular name... "a real PAIN IN THE BUTT!" 10 Tips - How to stop the pain in your butt, lower back, and legs from sciatica, an irritation of the sciatic nerve by your piriformis muscle.

Is Hyaluronic Acid the Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth, Rediscovered The Original ‘Fountain of Youth’ – Sometime in early April 1513, the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, with three large sailing vessels, dropped anchor near [...]

Hyaluronic Acid Adds Bounce to Your Step

Put the Spring in Your Step with Hyaluronic Acid As everyone past forty knows (or will soon get to know when they reach that period of life), the body tends [...]