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The title says it all. This category is for the recipes, notes and tips that will enhance, or define, a special dish for family and friends, without the burden of post-meal regrets that so often accompany delicious food.

Delicious Pea Protein Powder Recipes for When Smoothies Are Not Enough

You already know a quality protein is vital for you and your family's health... And you know pea protein has the benefits you need in your go-to protein supplement. But, there are those times when another smoothie recipe is inadequate to entice the entire family to participate. That's where pea protein's mild flavor and nutrition profile excels. And, search though you might, you'll not find these recipes in your Grandma's treasured collection of family favorites.

How to Boost Mood, Relieve Anxiety and Build Strong Muscles with Pea Protein

There is only one protein that would qualify as the Swiss Army Knife of proteins... it is the Do-It-All Pea Protein. Who knew, when our moms would force us to eat our peas as kids, they really were on to something. It's not often that one food item can do so much good.

Mood Foods And 11 Recipes For Life

Can zucchini defeat Zoloft? Is papaya more effective than Prozac? Could celery dethrone Cymbalta as the top selling antidepressant? Would "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" have ever been written if she had eaten more broccoli?

News For All Nutella Addicts

For all Nutella devotees, read your label's ingredients, and prepare to be stunned. Now read this, and renew your faith in this chocolate, hazelnut spread.

10 Quick and Healthy Summer Dip Recipes

These dip recipes are proof that 'healthy' does not mean 'bland'. Easy, fast, and delicious, sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Assuming you share it.

3 Delicious Mood and Energy Booster Smoothie Recipes

Photo: Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Mood and Energy I haven't quite decided why I like this article from Food Matters, so much. Maybe it's because I felt [...]

5 Healthy Holiday Recipes

Holiday recipes are typically delicious, at the expense of not being known for the healthy qualities. Here are a few that break the rule.