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Postings that offer advice, and introduce trends and techniques to the non-professional athletes… in other words, it’s for the regular folks, like us.

5 Tools for Fitness

Over the many years of being in this business, we've been asked some of the same questions, over and over. We sometimes add the most common questions to a standard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. But sometimes a response deserves a higher profile, and is worthy of a blog post.

How and Why do 10000 Steps Each Healthy Day

Do you ask, "What's the story of 10,000 steps each day, and why am I hearing so much about it?" If this sounds like you, you aren't alone. There has been a lot of references to 10k steps in the wake of the explosive growth of personal fitness trackers. We reveal some of the inside story behind the magic of ten-thousand... and, we share a dramatic calculation that's sure to impress.

Getting Back to Fitness After Time Off

We all do it... In spite of the best of intentions to maintain a consistent exercise program, it is inevitable you will face an extended period of downtime. These periods away from a routine have a tendency to get longer as you get older, which makes it even more difficult to rediscover your drive, discipline and routine. How do you restart an exercise program? Here are 6 tips for getting back to fitness and help motivate you after time off from working out.

Does Your Mind Prevent or Propel Your Potential

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right." Does your mind hinder or help your progress? Will it hobble your potential, or will it set you free?

Do You Really Know What You Eat

Would you be surprised by what you actually eat? It's cruel... It's inhumane... It's a conspiracy of the highest order... I'm referring to the abundance of easily accessible treats this [...]

Goals are Like Dreams but with Ambition

Fitness inspiration sometimes comes in the form of a simple reminder. It is not uncommon to hear someone often speak of a Goal, but never take action to achieve it. Goals without action will always remain a Dream.

9 Part Victoria’s Secret Angels Leg Workout

It's not only in the genes (or the Jeans), or that they haven't eaten since May. It's because Victoria's Secret Angels bust their assets with leg and butt workouts like these.

4 Ways to Boost Immune System

Four articles to help stimulate and strengthen your immune system. These suggestions are important all year long, but especially beneficial during the holidays.

Exercise to Strengthen the Immune System

Studies show exercise will maintain bone density, increase muscle mass, reduce fat, improve heart and lung function, reduce stress, AND boost the immune system.

Finding Your Stubborn Place

The older I get, the harder it is to re-energize my commitment and motivation to begin a consistent exercise routine. My secret is to always begin by being stubborn.