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Vegetarian Means Bad Hunter in Apache

I think a "soy chicken" is an oxymoron. Perhaps vegans and vegetarians find it appealing, but for my money, I will will take the real thing... thank you very much.

5 Healthy Holiday Recipes

Holiday recipes are typically delicious, at the expense of not being known for the healthy qualities. Here are a few that break the rule.

Fast Food Trends in America

For decades, the fast food craze in America has been building momentum with no signs of slowing down. Not so coincidentally, it is keeping pace with America's growing waistline and chronic weight-related health issues.

The ‘Show Time’ Diet

Fairly good article on getting a beach-ready body in 4 weeks with the suggested menu, but could have been much better if had kept out the recommendation of Gatorade and Gummy Bears. Look past those when reviewing decent meal plans for weight loss.

How to Enjoy Holiday Foods With Less Guilt

Avoid using the holidays as an excuse to overeat and bake more treats. Consider holiday meals like any other meal out of the year and bake seasonal treats in moderation. When it comes to the holiday meal, choose more fresh vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Avoid eating dinner rolls, loads of mashed potatoes, and an entire pumpkin pie. There are many healthy alternatives to traditional holiday meal fixings.

Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified foods are everywhere. Most Americans assume they are eating foods proven to be safe to eat. They are wrong. When it comes to genetically modified food, the FDA allows it to be sold until it is proven to be dangerous.

Why Alternate Day Dieting is Bad

Remember the words of Mother Nature, "Don't play with your metabolism at the dinner table." Alternate Day Dieting is where you put your body in starvation mode one day, and then at a more normal calorie diet the next day. This micro-cycle of yo-yo dieting can set you up for overeating, defeating the purpose of the diet plan.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Fish Oil

Omega 3 fatty acids are praised more for their health benefits, but all three omega fatty acids are essential to normal metabolic functions in the body. The fatty acids omega 6 and omega 9 receive less attention, because they are more common in our diet.

Liquids can Ruin the Best Weight Loss Diet

Drinking sodas, diet sodas, juice and sugar-drinks can derail weight loss efforts in multiple ways. They are absorbed quickly, which create a rapid rise in insulin, causing negative effects on the body. Caffeine drinks also stimulate insulin production, contributing to weight gain.

Reduce the Carbs for Permanent Weight Loss

Not all carbohydrates are created equal, and there is a good reason carbs have become public enemy number one, when it comes to weight loss efforts. If you are serious about long-term weight loss, understanding how carbs affect your results is vital to your success.

Eat in Harmony for Permanent Weight Loss

Chronic “eaters” and "dieters" are, both, examples of people who are out of touch with their body's food requirements. They either try not to eat when they are hungry, or they consume far beyond the necessary calories for survival. Both types of eating habits are detrimental to health and weight, and create a challenge for any weight-loss regimen.

Urgent Plea from Santa

Here it is, Christmas Eve, when I am normally spending my morning baking snickerdoodles and pumpkin pie, in preparation for a night of frivolity while hanging stockings above the fireplace. Suddenly, interrupting my routine, there was a knock at the door....

Tis the Season for Stress

As wonderful as the holidays are, they can also be a time of increased stress. One-third of Americans are living with intense stress that is having a negative effect on their health, work productivity, and relationships. Chronic stress can even be associated with multiple illnesses: heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, allergies, infertility, irritable bowel syndrome, endocrine and autoimmune diseases.

Calcium 101

The basics on calcium, Calcium 101, explains basic differences among popular types of calcium, and why it is so important, especially for postmenopausal women. These essential nutrients work together to help build and maintain good bone health.

The Pollyanna Nutritional Optimist

To those who follow a Pollyanna diet, nutritional supplements are a silly waste of money. Someone who is Pollyannaish will believe proper nutrition can be achieved by eating the proper quantities of correctly balanced foods. A Pollyanna must rely on idealist assumptions to support their perspective.

Raw Honey Remedies

Recalls and warnings on OTC (over-the-counter) cough and cold medicines abound. They are not only considered unsafe for children, but adults can also have bad side effects. Before you reach for cold medicine claiming to solve your stuffy head, congestion, cough woes, it would be good to review valid reasons for avoiding these products, and opt for natural remedies instead.

Avoid the New Years Weight Loss Blues

Number one New Year's Resolution is to lose weight. I'm addressing those of you who gain 5 to 15 pounds during the holidays; just enough to make you feel really uncomfortable in your clothes, and require a weight loss regimen to assist you.

The Nutrition of Moods and Holiday Cheer

Nutrition is an important key to increasing our sense of well-being. Improved nutrition affects the body's chemical balances, so that we feel better physically. This also helps the chemical balances in the brain, so that our moods and the abilities to cope with stress improve.

Menstruation and Related Issues

The menstrual cycle is an integral part of women's lives, and even though it is a vital process for preparing the female for pregnancy, it is often coined as "the curse". Certainly, the varied side effects are curse-like, but many of the symptoms can be alleviated by simple measures. The first step is to understand what happens during menstruation.

Health Goals and the New Year

Most people can't change all their habits at once. Choose battles wisely, whether it is to eat half as much sugar as normal (check labels), or cut the soda pops, increase exercise, or even pick up a new vitamin that supports your immune system.