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Articles about dietary practices, principles and the nutritional implications of various foods and supplements. Topics address a broad spectrum of interests, from weight loss to disease prevention.

The Chocolate Superfood Diet for Health

Can chocolate be the newest Superfood? Rich in antioxidants, the vast health benefits of chocolate gain approval from health experts and chocolate lovers. Finally, a health authority is telling you to take chocolate everyday, just like your vitamins.

5 Tools for Fitness

Over the many years of being in this business, we've been asked some of the same questions, over and over. We sometimes add the most common questions to a standard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. But sometimes a response deserves a higher profile, and is worthy of a blog post.

How to Boost Mood, Relieve Anxiety and Build Strong Muscles with Pea Protein

There is only one protein that would qualify as the Swiss Army Knife of proteins... it is the Do-It-All Pea Protein. Who knew, when our moms would force us to eat our peas as kids, they really were on to something. It's not often that one food item can do so much good.

Can The Right Food Boost Your Mood?

Now proven, more fruits and vegetables do elevate mood and happiness. Young adults and women are most sensitive. Men eventually get there, but still won't ask directions.

Mood Foods And 11 Recipes For Life

Can zucchini defeat Zoloft? Is papaya more effective than Prozac? Could celery dethrone Cymbalta as the top selling antidepressant? Would "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" have ever been written if she had eaten more broccoli?

Do You Really Know What You Eat

Would you be surprised by what you actually eat? It's cruel... It's inhumane... It's a conspiracy of the highest order... I'm referring to the abundance of easily accessible treats this [...]

Set-Points are for Weight Loss not Tennis

The weight-regulating mechanism in the brain "chooses" the amount of body fat it considers ideal for its needs, and then works tirelessly to defend that level. Changing it requires a reset of the "set-point" by adjusting the fat thermostat and increasing thermogenics.

Prostate Cancer Nutrition and Dietary Supplements

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Do you know about the specific dietary supplements that support a healthy prostate? Government reviewed data inside.

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits – Truth or Myth

Many mysteries, myths, legends and lore surround natural health remedies, with some based in truth. You've heard of Apple Cider Vinegar, but did you know...
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4 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the Swiss Army Knife of oils, and many of the health benefits are legendary. But here are 4 surprising facts you probably did not know.

3 Delicious Mood and Energy Booster Smoothie Recipes

Photo: Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Mood and Energy I haven't quite decided why I like this article from Food Matters, so much. Maybe it's because I felt [...]

Are You Inviting an Evil Killer to Dinner?

You Are Sharing Your Kitchen with a Killer! A specialized cancer research agency within the World Health Organization has concluded that the most common weed killer used in crop production [...]

4 Ways to Boost Immune System

Four articles to help stimulate and strengthen your immune system. These suggestions are important all year long, but especially beneficial during the holidays.

5 Choices for Food to Help Your Immune System

The typical American diet is usually fast-food, which makes you more susceptible to illness and common viruses. Here are 5 choices to build your immune system.

Hormones Do Effect the Immune System

In the battle for immune power, it's easy to overlook how hormone balance affects the immune system. This overview shares hormonal information to help you.

Do Supplements Help the Immune System

Nutrients That Help Build the Immune System Does your immune system feel sluggish after a long weekend, holiday event or extended vacation? When you start to feel your immune system [...]

Is Hyaluronic Acid the Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth, Rediscovered The Original ‘Fountain of Youth’ – Sometime in early April 1513, the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, with three large sailing vessels, dropped anchor near [...]

Hyaluronic Acid Adds Bounce to Your Step

Put the Spring in Your Step with Hyaluronic Acid As everyone past forty knows (or will soon get to know when they reach that period of life), the body tends [...]

The Value of Digestive Enzymes

Think of digestive enzymes, and how they are specifically tailored to function with certain food components, as being perfectly matched to their counterpart the way a nut and bolt are. One without the other is not very useful.

Vegetarian Means Bad Hunter in Apache

I think a "soy chicken" is an oxymoron. Perhaps vegans and vegetarians find it appealing, but for my money, I will will take the real thing... thank you very much.