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About Tamara Gaisford

Tamara Gaisford - Applied Health Solutions Growing up in a family where nutritional medicine was the first step to combating illness, Tamara learned early that balanced nutrition can often reverse disease. At the age of 30, after 6 months of unsuccessful medical treatment for a difficult case of Valley Fever, Tamara went through a complete improvement within 3 weeks of beginning a disease-specific nutritional program. This experience taught her the vital role nutrition plays in a healthy body, inspiring her to study the options available for natural healing. By 1997, as a logical career change, Tamara found herself in the nutrition industry, now, passionately sharing her knowledge to help others.

The Chocolate Superfood Diet for Health

Can chocolate be the newest Superfood? Rich in antioxidants, the vast health benefits of chocolate gain approval from health experts and chocolate lovers. Finally, a health authority is telling you to take chocolate everyday, just like your vitamins.

Can The Right Food Boost Your Mood?

Now proven, more fruits and vegetables do elevate mood and happiness. Young adults and women are most sensitive. Men eventually get there, but still won't ask directions.

Mood Foods And 11 Recipes For Life

Can zucchini defeat Zoloft? Is papaya more effective than Prozac? Could celery dethrone Cymbalta as the top selling antidepressant? Would "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" have ever been written if she had eaten more broccoli?

10 Quick and Healthy Summer Dip Recipes

These dip recipes are proof that 'healthy' does not mean 'bland'. Easy, fast, and delicious, sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Assuming you share it.

Grapefruit Interaction Drug Notices

Grapefruits have notorious interactions with many common drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter medication. Self-education is prudent to avoid the risk of either a reduced concentration of the medication, or too much of a drug remaining in your body and reaching toxic and dangerous levels.

Liquids can Ruin the Best Weight Loss Diet

Drinking sodas, diet sodas, juice and sugar-drinks can derail weight loss efforts in multiple ways. They are absorbed quickly, which create a rapid rise in insulin, causing negative effects on the body. Caffeine drinks also stimulate insulin production, contributing to weight gain.

Reduce the Carbs for Permanent Weight Loss

Not all carbohydrates are created equal, and there is a good reason carbs have become public enemy number one, when it comes to weight loss efforts. If you are serious about long-term weight loss, understanding how carbs affect your results is vital to your success.

Eat in Harmony for Permanent Weight Loss

Chronic “eaters” and "dieters" are, both, examples of people who are out of touch with their body's food requirements. They either try not to eat when they are hungry, or they consume far beyond the necessary calories for survival. Both types of eating habits are detrimental to health and weight, and create a challenge for any weight-loss regimen.

Chronic Candida Syndrome

Candida albicans is a yeast-like fungus, normally present in small, yet harmless, amounts in the mucous membranes of the body. However, candida often multiplies to become the root cause of many diseases and ailments.

Chronic Candida Syndrome Part 2

Candida Albicans is both a fungus and yeast, naturally found in the mucous membranes of the body (most heavily concentrated in the digestive/intestinal tracts). When accelerated overgrowth of Candida colonies occur, called Candidiasis (KAN-di-DY-uh-sis), it can become the root cause of many health disorders.

10 Tips for Mental Health During the Holidays

Stress is everywhere, particularly during the Holidays. I can typically handle a small amount of stress. However, when the stress level gets high enough that it effects the mood, it also influences our health. Exhaustion comes, the immune system weakens, and the health goes.

Health Goals and the New Year

Most people can't change all their habits at once. Choose battles wisely, whether it is to eat half as much sugar as normal (check labels), or cut the soda pops, increase exercise, or even pick up a new vitamin that supports your immune system.