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About Bill Evans

As an early adrenaline junky, Bill Evans learned the harsh lessons of pay-back, as his body eventually rebelled with daily reminders that the thrills of "fast times" are fleeting, and the baggage of payment is heavy. In 1997, he began Applied Health in an effort to develop nutritional products for former athletes who were wrestling with the frustrations of aging, and were unwilling to give in to the echos of, "You're too old for that, now."... In other words, products for people just like him. All these years later, he is still enjoying most of the activities he once had to forfeit due to pain and immobility, but, this time he is a bit wiser. For more of Bill's articles, [click on this link] [follow on Facebook and Twitter]

Urgent Plea from Santa

Here it is, Christmas Eve, when I am normally spending my morning baking snickerdoodles and pumpkin pie, in preparation for a night of frivolity while hanging stockings above the fireplace. Suddenly, interrupting my routine, there was a knock at the door....

The Pollyanna Nutritional Optimist

To those who follow a Pollyanna diet, nutritional supplements are a silly waste of money. Someone who is Pollyannaish will believe proper nutrition can be achieved by eating the proper quantities of correctly balanced foods. A Pollyanna must rely on idealist assumptions to support their perspective.

Finding Your Stubborn Place

The older I get, the harder it is to re-energize my commitment and motivation to begin a consistent exercise routine. My secret is to always begin by being stubborn.