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About Bill Evans

As an early adrenaline junky, Bill Evans learned the harsh lessons of pay-back, as his body eventually rebelled with daily reminders that the thrills of "fast times" are fleeting, and the baggage of payment is heavy. In 1997, he began Applied Health in an effort to develop nutritional products for former athletes who were wrestling with the frustrations of aging, and were unwilling to give in to the echos of, "You're too old for that, now."... In other words, products for people just like him. All these years later, he is still enjoying most of the activities he once had to forfeit due to pain and immobility, but, this time he is a bit wiser. For more of Bill's articles, [click on this link] [follow on Facebook and Twitter]

5 Tools for Fitness

Over the many years of being in this business, we've been asked some of the same questions, over and over. We sometimes add the most common questions to a standard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. But sometimes a response deserves a higher profile, and is worthy of a blog post.

Does Your Mind Prevent or Propel Your Potential

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right." Does your mind hinder or help your progress? Will it hobble your potential, or will it set you free?

My 4 Goals for Successful Weight Loss

I don't need to be Carnac the Magnificent to know what is on most minds this time of year. Odds are that many of us share a similar Resolution on our list for the New Year.

Another New Year and Weight Loss is Still Top Resolution

A quote credited to Einstein is, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results". So, why does the top New Year Resolution stay the same, year after year, and what can be done to change the pattern?

Do You Really Know What You Eat

Would you be surprised by what you actually eat? It's cruel... It's inhumane... It's a conspiracy of the highest order... I'm referring to the abundance of easily accessible treats this [...]

Goals are Like Dreams but with Ambition

Fitness inspiration sometimes comes in the form of a simple reminder. It is not uncommon to hear someone often speak of a Goal, but never take action to achieve it. Goals without action will always remain a Dream.

3 Delicious Mood and Energy Booster Smoothie Recipes

Photo: Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Mood and Energy I haven't quite decided why I like this article from Food Matters, so much. Maybe it's because I felt [...]

It’s About Time

There's a Time to weep, and a Time to laugh; a Time for talk, and a Time for song. And whether we like it or not, Time marches on. What Time do you have?

The Value of Digestive Enzymes

Think of digestive enzymes, and how they are specifically tailored to function with certain food components, as being perfectly matched to their counterpart the way a nut and bolt are. One without the other is not very useful.

Vegetarian Means Bad Hunter in Apache

I think a "soy chicken" is an oxymoron. Perhaps vegans and vegetarians find it appealing, but for my money, I will will take the real thing... thank you very much.

Good Health is a Horse Race

Good Health is like winning the Trifecta in horse racing, except that 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are named Interest, Responsibility and Discipline.

The ‘Show Time’ Diet

Fairly good article on getting a beach-ready body in 4 weeks with the suggested menu, but could have been much better if had kept out the recommendation of Gatorade and Gummy Bears. Look past those when reviewing decent meal plans for weight loss.

Honoring Independence Day

Fourth of July is a few days away.... a time to celebrate the day of American Independence. During this time of remembrance, may we steal a moment to tip our hats in honor of all the brave men and women who sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy. Too often, we allow holidays to pass, with scarcely a hesitation to ponder the meaning of the occasion.

The Perfect Hat is More Than Style

During Summer, the sun protective quality of hats is more important than style. Especially when it is for the children, look for a hat with high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor).

Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified foods are everywhere. Most Americans assume they are eating foods proven to be safe to eat. They are wrong. When it comes to genetically modified food, the FDA allows it to be sold until it is proven to be dangerous.

Sun Safety to Save Your Skin

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention has designated May 24, 2013 as "Don't Fry Day." Applied Health, along with the FDA, is helping to spread the word on sun safety. In this Consumer Update video, FDA experts provide tips on protecting yourself from harmful exposure to the sun's UV rays , including avoiding exposure, applying sunscreens, and wearing proper eye protection.

Who is This Guy Oahu Lou

I must say that prior to this conversation, I had never heard of "transparent zinc oxide" for sunscreen. Zinc oxide is the white stuff you might remember as a kid seeing lifeguards wear on their nose while sitting atop their roost, twirling their whistle around their finger, and looking like a beacon on a lighthouse.

The 1st of May Outdoor Frolicking Starts Today

Hurray, Hurray, the 1st of May, Outdoor Frolicking Starts Today. May Day (May 1st) is a traditional day of celebration, dating back to pre-Christian times, when folks partied in honor of the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora. Over time, as a pagan festival, it became a less prominent holiday in some countries as Christianity gained momentum.

Too Hot for Enzymes

Summer in the desert means it's time to be kind to nutritional supplements. If it's too hot for your dog to be left in a closed car, parked in the sun, then it's too hot for your nutrition products, especially, any product with live enzymes.

FDA Alert for Pfizer Recall of Birth Control Pills

FDA alerts about Pfizer voluntary recall for Lo/Ovral-28 birth control pills with possible error in inert pills vs. active ingredient pills.