Way back in 1997, Applied Health was formed to develop and offer anti-aging solutions for discriminating buyers.

Propelled by a devotion to excellence and a pledge of no compromise, we embarked on a challenge to satisfy the needs of so many who were not yet ready to forfeit their favorite hobbies, passions and dreams, simply because they were beyond their prime.

In those early years, most people did not understand the powerful benefits that naturally-sourced ingredients have on age-related symptoms.

And though products have come and gone over these many years, our first product, CellRenew, still proudly carries on in the same unwavering tradition, acting as a beacon to remind us of our roots and original values.

The founders of Applied Health began with a simple goal, “Provide vital nutritional components to restore a healthy state in bodies suffering from the debilitating symptoms of aging.”

This objective resonated with our president who was (and still is) the company’s Chief Test Dummy for the vital products related to keeping all aging athletes participating in the activities they most love.

Now, while celebrating our 20th anniversary, we must pause the frivolity and silence the jubilation just long enough to reflect on the core statements of our Mission:

Mission Statements:

(1) It’s not good enough for our customers until it is good enough for our family and friends;

(2) Simple is usually better… Often, the most complex challenges have the simplest solutions;  

(3) When seeking quality ingredients for predictable results, compromise is never an option… Never. 

So, who would of thought those 3 little statements – which were our pledge in 1997 – all these years later, they are no less needed, no less followed, and without question, no less true.


At the Helm

Bill Evans
Bill EvansPresident, Chief Test Dummy
By the time I was 30 years old, I had already broken my back, both knees several times, and dislocated my left hip twice. I had managed to break and separate more ribs, fingers, elbows, shoulders and various extremities than I care to remember.

No, I was not an automotive test dummy… although, some might argue I was certainly a dummy.

Even with plenty of time to think about it while in traction, it never occurred to me that the temporary pains and discomfort of my youth were going to translate into immobility and chronic pain later in life. Does any young adrenaline junky really think they will live to see the distant side of 30?

Somehow I made it, but not without some pops, squeaks and rattles.

Back in the early 1990’s, I set upon a quest motivated by my fate of constant pain and the persistent question I would ask each morning upon waking; “Will I be able to stand, today?”

After many years of frustration, trying products that failed to meet my demands, I realized I would have to create what I wanted – what I needed.

Applied Health Solutions was founded in 1997 for the purpose of developing highly specialized products from the finest materials available. As a research and development engineer for 15 years, I accepted no compromises.

It was this commitment to quality and the desire for perfection that drove me to define high expectations for our products. The products we offer today are the results of many dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, and our collective selfish demand for excellence.

Now that I am well past my 3rd decade — into my 6th, actually — I am grateful for the opportunity to once again pursue the active hobbies I had forfeited years ago.  Albeit, this time, it’s with a bit more wisdom.

I no longer take my health for granted, and I hope to be around to see the distant side of many more decades.

Tamara Jankoski
Tamara JankoskiV.P./Director Operations
Tamara grew up being influenced by a mother who believes strongly in nutrition as a viable way to heal the body. Born with a less-than-perfect immune system, her mother looked for various ways to help strengthen Tamara’s health, including vitamin/mineral supplements and fresh vegetable juice. Though this helped, a strong immune system continued to be quite elusive.

Many medical doctors blamed Tamara’s problems on stress, eating disorders (which she did not have), and being a hypochondriac (which she wasn’t). Not one of the medical doctors ever realized that her problems were due to under-active adrenal and thymus glands, along with a body that was generally out-of-balance.

As Tamara began extensive studying and searching for alternative health physicians, she found that she could take proactive steps to improve her health, as well as the health of her family. As she states:

“My own experiences with alternative healing methods have been extensive on the “patient” level – everything from healing Valley Fever (a fungus indigenous to the Southwest, with symptoms similar to mononucleosis or chronic fatigue syndrome); to saving my daughter from an eye operation for crossed-eyes; to Candida (another fungus with many various symptoms – a repetitive ailment which I constantly battle); to hormonal situations and endless allergies – just to name a few of my experiences. Due to qualified alternative health care professionals and immune building nutrients, I was finally able to start seeing significant improvement in my health. Now in my 60’s, I am grateful I can honestly say that this last two decades have actually been the healthiest of my life. Others may be able to take it for granted, but for me, health is a constant challenge. Consequently, it has to be a full-time commitment.”

This “full-time commitment” is what helps Tamara empathize and focus on the needs of our customers. Nutrition, alternative medical care, and health continues to be a constant passion. When Tamara was invited to become a principal of Applied Health Solutions, she jumped at the chance. Being with the company since 2001 has been very rewarding, as Tamara continues to enjoy working with customers, and studying new, innovative ways to encourage great health.

Steve Hontz
Steve HontzChief Technical Officer, Auxiliary Test Dummy
It’s a sweltering late-afternoon in the Valley of the Sun. To the West, silhouetted against the setting sun, a small dust-devil is meandering down the dirt road flanked by tumbleweeds.The heat is still radiating off the talcum-dry surface of the only route through town… an oven-backed dust-bowl someone long ago called “Easy Street”.  It was a name coined in jest, but now — with mocking cruelty — has become a beacon of enticement for the unsuspecting.Yes, it is Easy Street where hordes of men, mighty and strong, have fallen victim to over-confidence and under-preparation. So many brilliant minds with can-do spirits have tried to tame Easy Street, leaving only the evidence of their doomed attempts by the countless pairs of serpentine furrows that part the dust, scoured by lifeless boot-heals as they are dragged to the bone-yard.Here, in a place that knows only three seasons (last Summer, this Summer, and next Summer), survival is met by little more than the occasional stirrings of lizards, snakes, and wily coyotes that brave the challenges of such an inhospitable place… except for one man… one man who can take the heat.The creak of a rusty hinge precedes boot steps as he emerges from the saloon. Steely eyes glance first East, then slowly pan West as the glare reduces his gaze to a mere squint. Experience has long since taught him that implied simplicity can be dangerously alluring. Like all engineering projects before, on Easy Street, the brochure does not match reality. The marketing department had assured all candidates that this place would be a cake-walk; the project on Easy Street was little more than a matter of getting from point A to point B, with a little “magic” in-between.In the crowd were heard the usual echoes of “trivial”, “no problem”, “I’ll be done tomorrow”. But the souls who uttered those words were also heard to groan their last breath face down in the dust.There’s a point in every engineering project that feels like you’re standing in the middle of the street under the heat of the sun, staring straight into double-barrels of doubt. All tasks, major and minor, must be brought in on time, on budget, and on target. Most engineers quickly find themselves in trouble when facing this kind of heat, especially if they bought into the Easy Street sales pitch of the marketing brochure. But not all…Meet Steve Hontz, engineer extraordinaire.In over two decades of knowing each other, Bill has never seen Steve shy away from — or fail — an attempt to tame a wild project, big or small. Understanding the process of turning a complex task into a series of simple and methodical steps, Steve possesses a rare gift of planning, preparation, self-discipline and self-control matched by dang few in the engineering world.Steve is an instrumental component to Applied Health’s team, sought out for his wisdom and guidance on all things technical. Whether the project calls for taming the dark and dusty corners of Easy Street, or the rough and tumble outlaws on the super-highway, Steve is our guy.The poetic ‘ching’ of his spurs follow his stride to the edge of town. Pausing, he glances back with that knowing look in his eye… There’s a new sheriff in town.
Tahlea Jankoski
Tahlea JankoskiResearcher, Technical Writer, Blog Contributer
Tahlea has been a professional writer in the health care industry since 2007. She has a lifelong enthusiasm for nutrition and fitness and is a reliable resource on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Tahlea has a Masters of Arts in Mass Communications with a focus on Health, where she received notable awards and acceptance for her media research from national conferences and a peer-review publication.

Through extensive research and writing experience, she is frequently asked for advice on nutritional products, fitness, and healthy foods. Those seeking advice have helped to encourage her passion for creating clear and relevant health-related articles.

Tahlea has additional experience as a freelance writer in the entertainment, fashion, and social media industries.

She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, traveling, green smoothies, eating healthy food, and exploring new cities. She also loves kite surfing and watching the sunset over the ocean, while walking her Labradoodle, Roxy. . .(that is – she would love to if she knew how to kite surf, lived by the ocean, and had a dog).


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