run-downFeeling Worn Out and Run Down?

After a long weekend, holiday event, or extended vacation, do you feel like you need another vacation?  Maybe, it’s because there’s more mingling with friends and family, so opportunity for more viruses to spread. Or, perhaps, the additional stress and constraints on your time schedule – less time for proper exercise and eating – cause you to be more susceptible. It could just be that you pack so much activity into shorter time, and eventually, something has to give.

There’s never a good time to get sick, or just feel lousy. Weekends and vacations are supposed to make you feel recharged, not deflated.

We present a series of four articles to provide information (much of it simple reminders) to help you stimulate and strengthen your protective immune system.  These suggestions are important all year long, but especially beneficial when your routine changes.  Whether it’s a road trip with the kids, the close quarters of today’s airlines, or the office events that celebrate the occasions, we could all use the extra protection from stronger immunities.

This is a 4-part series:

Leave the treats to Santa.
Food and your immune system
Exercise for your immune system.
Exercise and your immune system
Hormones and your immune system.
Hormones and your immune system
Supplements and your immune system.
Nutrition and your immune system
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