• Applied Health's Healthy Alternatives - Homemade Nutella, Chocolate and Hazelnut.

News For All Nutella Addicts

For all Nutella devotees, read your label's ingredients, and prepare to be stunned. Now read this, and renew your faith in this chocolate, hazelnut spread.

  • The dreaded herb dysfunction has struck.

Easy DIY Upcycling Ideas for Always-Ready Herbs

Tired of store-bought herbs turning limp and losing nutrition in frig? Always have fresh, vital herbs on hand with these easy DIY upcycling ideas for always-ready herbs.

  • Victoria's Secret Angels

9 Part Victoria’s Secret Angels Leg Workout

It's not only in the genes (or the Jeans), or that they haven't eaten since May. It's because Victoria's Secret Angels bust their assets with leg and butt workouts like these.

  • Good Health is a Horse Race

Good Health is a Horse Race

Good Health is like winning the Trifecta in horse racing, except that 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are named Interest, Responsibility and Discipline.

  • 4-surprising-facts-of-coconut-oil-1200w

4 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the Swiss Army Knife of oils, and many of the health benefits are legendary. But here are 4 surprising facts you probably did not know.

  • fb-feature-10-dips-for-july

10 Quick and Healthy Summer Dip Recipes

These dip recipes are proof that 'healthy' does not mean 'bland'. Easy, fast, and delicious, sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Assuming you share it.

  • Chocolate and Banana Smoothie Recipe for Boosting Moods and Energy

3 Delicious Mood and Energy Booster Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Mood and Energy
I haven’t quite decided why I like this article from Food Matters, so much.

Maybe […]

  • crop-dusting-880w

Are You Inviting an Evil Killer to Dinner?

You Are Sharing Your Kitchen with a Killer!
A specialized cancer research agency within the World Health Organization has concluded that […]

  • Body Inflammation

How Inflammation Affects Your Health

The Link Between Aging and Inflammation
The Fire Within is Not Always Good
5 simple lifestyle changes to relieve inflammation

How would you […]

  • Oxidative Stress on an  Apple

How to Manage Oxidative Stress

How Oxidation Shortens Your Life
And Overwhelms Your Immune System
Is your life making you oxidative stressed?

Oxidation. The process that causes the […]

  • chromosome

Telomeres Indicate How Fast You are Aging

Your ‘Real’ Age can be Measured by the Length of Your Telomeres
Size Does Matter
Lose weight, exercise, eat right… and measure […]

  • run-down

4 Ways to Boost Immune System

Four articles to help stimulate and strengthen your immune system. These suggestions are important all year long, but especially beneficial during the holidays.
  • food-and-immune-system

5 Choices for Food to Help Your Immune System

The typical American diet is usually fast-food, which makes you more susceptible to illness and common viruses. Here are 5 choices to build your immune system.
  • exercise-and-immune-system

Exercise to Strengthen the Immune System

Studies show exercise will maintain bone density, increase muscle mass, reduce fat, improve heart and lung function, reduce stress, AND boost the immune system.
  • hormone

Hormones Do Effect the Immune System

In the battle for immune power, it's easy to overlook how hormone balance affects the immune system. This overview shares hormonal information to help you.
  • nutrition-and-immune-system

Do Supplements Help the Immune System

Nutrients That Help Build the Immune System

Does your immune system feel sluggish after a long weekend, holiday event or extended […]

  • its-about-time-600w

It’s About Time

There's a Time to weep, and a Time to laugh; a Time for talk, and a Time for song. And whether we like it or not, Time marches on. What Time do you have?
  • fountain-of-youth-hyaluronic-acid-600w

Is Hyaluronic Acid the Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth, Rediscovered
The Original ‘Fountain of Youth’ – Sometime in early April 1513, the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de […]

  • spring-in-step-with-hyaluronic-acid-600w

Hyaluronic Acid Adds Bounce to Your Step

Put the Spring in Your Step with Hyaluronic Acid

As everyone past forty knows (or will soon get to know when […]

  • THe nuts and bolts about enzymes

The Value of Digestive Enzymes

Think of digestive enzymes, and how they are specifically tailored to function with certain food components, as being perfectly matched to their counterpart the way a nut and bolt are. One without the other is not very useful.
  • Eat-more-beef-300w

Vegetarian Means Bad Hunter in Apache

I think a "soy chicken" is an oxymoron. Perhaps vegans and vegetarians find it appealing, but for my money, I will will take the real thing... thank you very much.